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So I had that meeting today and we agreed some stuff. It looks like Im going to be going back to a job I can really love with great people. To start with we’re looking at a temporary fix and Im sitting here pondering if my request to the ‘cosmic kitchen’ was a litle vague too.

I have asked to be redeployed into a therapeutic rather management role and since then its been like the proverbial weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Interestingly, and not so co-incidentally, since then too Im happier ( if a little emotional), eating better ( no chocolate binges) and beginning to remember who I am.

Something about letting go of that situation has set me free. And let someone else have the opportunity to love my old job.

Im working on some daily affirmations using some affirmation cards from Louise Hay. These are the ones that are rocking my world right now :

Life is simple and easy – All that i need to know at any given moment is revealed to me. I trust myself and I trust life. All is well  ( life is simple and easy well who’d a thought it LOL)

I release all criticsm ( of myself and others – boy do I need to work with this one) I only give out that which I wish to receive in return. My love and acceptance of others is mirrored to me in every moment

I express my creativity – My unique and creative talents and abilities flow through me and are expressed in deeply satisfying ways. My creativity is always in demand.


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My blog is a reflection of my life, sometimes it's busy, sometimes not. It has documented a journey through fat and thinner, ups and downs, family and self. I share photos and a glimpse of my heart

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