Library stories


Went to take library books back today, only a day late so the sum of £1.08 was handed over, still a lot cheaper than buying them! I love libraries, this is just a local suburban one so sometimes you have to wait for a book by an author you like but as Im a pretty eclectic reader that doesn/t affect me much.
Todays haul made me smile as it seems pretty symptomatic of life right now, it included :
‘The essential book of Feng Shui’
‘Slugs pests and diseases’
Sleep better naturally
Sucking eggs – what your wartime granny could teach you
‘A Free spirit’ the power of the mind
and then a collection of novels of the non-demanding kind. A Val McDermid, ( seriously good) Nora Roberts ( my inner Barbie), Jayne Ann Krantz ( ghost whisper-ish), Priscilla Masters ( local author detective fiction – its only write to support her ( groan) and a well loved Dorothy Sayers.
Oh and a book on keeping chickens ( something to think about for the future).
So now we can work on the sleeping (T), get the house decluttered and feng-shuid and all live happily ever after. That is until I find something else to focus on!
Thanks to my facebook friends Im getting advice re slugs, must buy some beer later and make them slug traps to entice them away from my dwindling squash.
Also today negotiated aging mum with signs of dementia in taking dog to vets. I found myself babbling silently to myself, ‘All is well, everything works together for my highest good. out of this situation only good can come. I am safe’. Thanks Louise Hay, breathing I find helps quite a bit too.
Just waiting for mana to come and look at apple tree in garden, its in desperate need of a designer trim which is Im sure completely the wrong time of year. But if its not done soon I think the neighbours might get grumpy. Personally i’d be glad of the apples which tumble over their side of the hedge but then I don’y feel the need to trim my daffodils to the same height all round.


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My blog is a reflection of my life, sometimes it's busy, sometimes not. It has documented a journey through fat and thinner, ups and downs, family and self. I share photos and a glimpse of my heart

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  1. How fun to read about the books you got! I love libraries too, I always find more than I have time to read there 🙂 My last harvest was a fantasy novel I’ve never heard, a book for our book club of and a couple books about babies 🙂 Your job situation seems promising, and good work on those affirmations! I have a couple of bible quotes and short prayers I try to use in challenging circumstances.

    Love the way you write – a blog was an excellent idea!!

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