Junior Apprentice


Watched the final last night of Junior Apprentice. Is it just me or are some of those kids seriously scary, esp. Zoe and the dark haired girl ( the good looking one as 17 son says). Watching Kirsty and Zoe was like watching the archetypal wicked stepmother with her feisty but slightly socially unaware child. The group of 10 candidates illustrated perfectly the 16/17 year old stages of development from man to boy, woman to child. The really sad thing for me about this programme is that the messgage that seems to have got through from the adult versions is that you have to be not just competitive but be prepared to stamp over everyone else in your obsessively driven drive for the big buck. And the way in which they all have to sit in the boardroom waiting for ‘Lord Sugar’ to come in and then all parrot ‘good morning Lord Sugar’ like kids in primary school is symptomatic of the power driven craziness.
So waht keeps me watching? Well for one things it is one of theose familt telly things like Britains Got Talent, the boys leave their xbox live or whatever facebook chat and join us. It brings a warm glow to my poor maternal heart LOL. Plus Im an inveterate people watcher,there is nothing better than observing the dynamics, clothes, behaviour and just non stop fascination of this wonderful unique species that we are! And to sit with friends / family and then dicuss every detail of who said what, why they did that etc etc is just bliss. people think social workers and therapists are nosy, no, no, no we are just eternally fascinated by the miracle of humanity!

Oh and don’t get me started on people and their pets! More later LOL


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