our first harvest


The sun came out today and suddenly there were 2 courgettes, some spinach and some lettuce leaves ready to pick! I have left them in till the last possible moment but we will have them soon for tea. I couldn’t resist picking a leaf of spinach and rolling it with a lettuce leaf to eat. Every day Im learning something new, there is so much information out there I have to be careful not to spook myself. Its easy to get carried away and then feel inadequate so I’m sticking to my baby steps plan which works by just letting me learn as I go along.
I learnt that courgettes have male and female flowers ( the female ones are the ones with the ccourgettes behind them). You can eat the flowers, frying them in batter, stuffing them or even in pasta. I’ve not tried that yet.
Today I got two sons ( 21 and 17) to help me lift a heavy old white butlers sink form where it had got embedded in the lawn. When we had some building work done it got moved form its previous place and had begun to take root. A few days ago I dug out the old leggy and sad looking herbs and now it is refilled with yummy new compost and nurturing a daisy and ageranium by the kitchen door. I sprinkled some nasturium seeds round the edge so we will see what comes up.
My next prject was to do something with the holein the ground where the sink had been. I had thought of just re-seeding it but the possession of some organic herb seeds and the bargain basement buy of 4 basil plants in desperate need of a home inspired a herb garden project.
A couple of hours later and with some recycled lawn edging from my pile at the bottom of the garden, we now have basil plants and seeds of borage, lemon balm and dill.
Why I am not thin as a rake I really don’t know!


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