I haven’t really been outside for 2 weeks apart from hospital visits which honestly don’t count as ‘out’. Now Im beginning to get a little stircrazy whihc I think is a pretty good sign as Im itching to get out in the sun. The problem is at the moment I can only stand for a few minutes before my leg really begins to get sore and I need to put it up again, but I think this weekend we should try a little walk before I go nuts. Looking out the window I see blue sky and sunshine, spring is definitely making an appearance here and I can feel my mood lighten too in response. What a difference the light makes! I couldn’t bear to live in a country where it is dark all day through the winter. My SAD starts to shift the moment it starts to become light in the mornings and I feel my body and mind moving out of that hibernation phase.

I ordered a new swimsuit this week online and it arrived today ( can you rmember the days pre-internet shopping?!!), along with the groceries and a new charm for my bracelet which is a birthday present. The charm is a silver chinese symbol for health and is more beautiful than it looked in the picture. Umfortunately it doesnt fir on my bracelet and the returns website is all in German so Im a little stymied for now. I spent hours searching for the right charm. The symbol of health felt so meaningful as it is my major focus for this year. I was looking forward to seeing it dangle from my wrist just reminding me and making me remember that sense of hope. Maybe I will put it on a necklace instead!


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My blog is a reflection of my life, sometimes it's busy, sometimes not. It has documented a journey through fat and thinner, ups and downs, family and self. I share photos and a glimpse of my heart

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  1. Julia, I found you!!!

    Maybe a jewellery shop could put your charm onto your bracelet? Otherwise, a necklace sounds good – it’s a beautiful, meaningful symbol.

    Get well soon.

    Cat xxx

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