Slowly does it



Some days are just slow I suppose. Or more accurately, some days I am. I am getting into some new routines, spending half an hour every day in meditation, writing, focusing on health and well-being. I went back and edited myself saying ‘trying to meditate’, even though that’s what it feels like today. I know that saying I’m ‘trying’ to do something is not a great message for my brain. She likes to have clarity! So I’m pretty much sticking with I’m doing it. But today I was all over the place. I have this great CD for relaxation / meditation ( actually I have several, but this is my favourite right now). I find having a CD with a soothing voice and a guided meditation helps me travel to that still place more easily. When I’m in the zone it sort of happens straight away. I feel my breathing start to slow, a sense of deep calm and stillness descends, the light flows. Sometimes it feels like I’m almost not breathing at all the peace is so quiet and deep. And coming back from that place needs a gentle re-entry into the world. A stretch, a glass of water. But then the feeling of calm and being settled is tangible through the day.

Today, humph, none of that worked. My ‘thinking’ brain just kept wandering off down her own little pathways. Afterwards I jotted a few of them down, son 22 is he going to get a job soon, volunteer working, phone the electrician, the shower is dripping again, its windy outside, should I go swimming, back to work next week am I a bit anxious. Every time I noticed where I had gone I blessed those wandering thoughts and came back to the breathing and light. And whoa, there I was off again.

Bu I did it. And I’m thinking well some days that’s just how life is isn’t it? We have a plan or a focus and we set out firmly with the intention of dealing with that part of the day. Then stuff happens. The phone rings, mum has a fall, the double glazing salesman is at he door, you scrape the car reversing out the drive, lunch is late because the meeting over-ran and your next appointment arrives early,we get sick, our kids need a hug.

So what’s the answer? Here are a  few of my ( wandering) thoughts for today :

Life happens, get over it

Breathe, in, out. Repeat

Make a routine and stick to it. I take my vitamins after breakfast, that way I remember. Fix a time to meditate thats going to work for you. Make a sign for the door, tell the kids, turn the phone off. Im still working on this one, stick with me here.

Make lists – to do lists, gratitude lists, tick boxes in your journal – breakfast ( tick), vitamins ( tick), meditation ( tick), take dog for walk ( tick), pray, say thank you, you get the message. And buy yourself some stickers. Stickers are awesome! Award yourself a happy face, a funny cupcake, a fairy for each tick. Now you feel good 🙂



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    • Great question! I suppose the ultimate goal of all meditation is to reach a place where ‘you’ merges into the light. Is ‘you’ your brain/mind or is it something less tangible such as spirit? Its all food for thought. Thank you

      • People are trying to sell you a bill of goods. They say that enlightenment is some goal to be reached in some future state, after god knows how much effort in meditation and spiritual journey, blah blah blah.

        I’m here to tell you that people spend years and years in meditation and achieve nothing. In fact they tend to be very amoral due to years of detachment. “Oh the world is burning, not my problem, I’m in a calm peaceful place.” Fuck them.

        Enlightenment, or more accurately, liberation, is available to you right here, right now. This is not something you can think your way through, as thoughts are merely pointers to the truth, fingers pointing at the moon.

        So the truth can be seen but words can only point you there. Take a look and see if it’s true. No you living your life, just life living itself.

        Drop me a line if you have any questions.

  1. I see meditation, or rather the place I come to when I meditate, as the essence of me. When all my rushing thoughts fall away there’s nothing left but stillness and peace. I could call it God, or my inner core, or something else entirely but the important part is that it calms me and makes me feel more grounded and able to live in the moment even when I’m not meditating.

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