Crossed wires


Crossed Wires

The conversation went something like this:

Me: B are you going to dads tonight

B: not sure yet

Me: When will you know

B: dunno

Me: Where are you going now?

B: I’m giving J (big bro) a lift

Me: And then you’re coming back here?

B: Uh then I’m going to Ps ( girlfriend). unless you want me here?

Me: Well it’d be nice to have you here for tea ( in about 10 mins)

Me: Have you let Dad know what you’re doing

B: yeah I’ve spoken to him, he’s not expecting us cos its Mothers Day

Me: OK, so have you let J ( little bro) know as he’s waiting to go to dads?

B: No ( goes upstairs to do this)

Me: So what actually was the plan?

B: I’m going back to P’s for tea

End of conversation. B goes out with J ( big bro)

Me, eldest son and girlfriend, youngest son, partner all sit down to tea. All half way through steak and vegetable pie, garlic potatoes, carrots, spring greens and gravy when dah dah, B comes in.

B: ( unplugging earphones) hey

Me: Oh have you come back for your tea ( looking at empty pot)

B: yeah, that’s what I said.

We all offer to take half off our plates. B says he’ll get himself something later.

Well we all got that one in a muddle didn’t we?!! Cue tinned laughter in this soap opera of family life.


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