Time to stand and stare …


At the end of the working day feeling tired and stale the opportunity to take a detour on the way home seemed too good to miss. Five minutes drive on city streets then a turn into a hidden piece of green. The cars pour by, drivers heading home.

My walk takes me though a scramble of willow branches hanging down then across a field to  a lake on reclaimed land. The swan sails serenely past


We are alongside this 16th century gem, Ford Green Hall. It sits incongruously in the midst of urban clatter. An oasis of peace. I slip inside the gate to take pictures, all is quiet, no-one else around.                        

Just a few minutes at the end of the day and I am in a world apart. So what are the hidden gems in your neighbourhood? And when did you last take ten minutes out of your day just to enjoy them?


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  1. I’m usually in a hurry to get home after work, but the other day when I had picked up my son and we were heading for the door he turned and went in the opposite direction. I decided to follow (despite the rain!) rather than pick him up and carry him inside, and he took me for a little walk past the garbage bins 3 times and then down the street. It was nice to do something different and just walk in the rain for a bit.

    Then he fell on his face and started crying, so we headed for home 🙂

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