Garden dreams



Gazing wistfully at other people’s gardens is all very well but it ‘doesn’t get the baby a new bonnet’ or in this case, get our own patch in order! This weekend we have seen formal gardens with glorious tulips, and walked in woodland with delicate bluebells,starry white flowers and fading daffs and narcissi at the water’s edge.

At lunchtime our weekly visit to the garden centre with mum had me salivating at the vegetable plug plants. Herbs are fragrant and lush but my little heart sings at the sight of tiny shoots of carrots, onions and broccoli. Part of the joy of gardening is in the dreaming and planning I am discovering. Dreaming of what might go where. Thinking about a ‘water feature’, although I would rather have a proper pond for wildlife with frogs and newts and wild marigolds ( are they pond plants?) and irises.

So there I go, off on another little wander down the ‘what shall I do with the garden next’ path. Its one of my favourite pastimes.

But this week with the sap rising all over the place, this womans fancy turns to vegetables. Last year I cleared a path of a very messy border and covered it with black  material in hopes of smothering weeds and giving me some soil to work with. The soil quality is dire so I need to get bags of compost and manure organised. But I have 3 separate patches which I think will make nice raised beds. As I’m working on being economic in my gardening ( part-time working makes you conscious of the domestic economy!), I have a plan to make some raised beds on those three patches. But first some serious tidying up is the plan.

So the forecast being brilliant I’m hoping for a day at it tomorrow. DS ( dear son) 2 has helped me no end with this decision by using my car for the day tomorrow so me and Mr G ( the dog) will be garden-bound. So watch this space, I will be back with more garden tales.


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