I’m growing vegetables – making raised beds


So today was the day. First the ugly truth, or ‘What Has Happened Under There?’ since last year    

I want to grow more vegetables this year. Last year I did ok for a beginner with courgettes, a few beans, peppers ( 3), a fantastic pumpkin and some tomatoes, lots of spinach and cut-and-come-again lettuce. They all grew in pots on the patio whilst I tried to get the side of the garden under control!    But now of course I want more. Potatoes and onions, broccoli and carrots, broad beans and green beans, squashes and fat juicy tomatoes. I want to be able to supply us with veggies. But first I need to get some plots sorted.

My research tells me that raised beds are the way to go. Less digging and warmer soil means growing starts earlier . I have pink fir apple potatoes just begging to go in the ground.

As you can see, there is work to be done!  Next came removing the sheeting and , sigh of relief, it did what it ‘says on the tin’! The ground was much easier to dig, most of the weeds have gone and those pesky dandelions that were left were easier to pull than I anticipated.

My plan is to use some of the large pile of old house bricks sitting in the garden from when we had our house extended a couple of years ago. I like free resources!

Clearing the ground still took some work. Old bricks and edging stones were buried in there and ivy seems to have got everywhere, coming over from next door! I spent most of the morning on it, should count as a good all body work-out! Who needs the gym?!

After a break for lunch and a cuppa I enrolled DS (2) in a bit of light manual labour and wall building. We got the edges flat-ish and used bricks 2 high to make the bed. So far I’ve filled it with the compost I have and some chicken poo pellets. Now I want to source some well-rotted horse manure and some more compost and we will have a yummy planting area. The soil is poor and clay-y so the more goodness I can get into it before we start the better.      

Sadly we sacrificed a few tulips but they are gorgeous on the windowsill and the bulbs will be replanted elsewhere.

Oh and the end part of the bed we have delegated for short root plants as we found an old pathway under there! I’m pretty pleased with the result so far

And now for a cup of tea and 2 Scottish oatcakes with PB. 


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