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I want to lose weight. I want to get fit and be healthy for a long long time ie the rest of my life! I think I’m pretty focused on that. I have been watching what I eat ( complex carbs, good protein, no sugar, lower fat) and doing more exercise.

And guess what? It works. I have lost 20 lbs and I can tell I’m noticeably fitter and have more stamina. So you think Id be celebrating, right. Wrong.

I realised over the last couple of days how much my head gets stuck in negative thinking. I like to see myself as a positive, cup half-full sort of person, but in this instance I have to admit the evidence is against me. I beat myself up internally with negative thoughts like, ‘I’m not doing this fast enough’, or ” Im going to end up not able to walk and using a mobility scooter if I don’t do something’. I think I get stuck in being scared of what ‘might’ happen to my health if I ‘let myself’ carry on being fat and unfit.

But as my friend and partner kindly pointed out to me this morning this is all very negative thinking. The facts are, I’ve lost weight and am getting fitter. Somehow I don’t want to let go of the negative images. She on the other hand is using creative visualisation many times a day. And feeling positive, successful and losing weight steadily and happily every week. Go figure.

So as the queen of talk about affirmations and positive imagery I feel put in my place! Seriously, it was a gentle wake up call to ‘walk the talk’.

So I’ve been doing a bit of research and come up with some helpful bits and pieces.

Barbara Hoberman Levine, author of “Your Body Believes Every Word You say” talked about one man who read about hypnosis and began to affirm to himself, “I am not hungry.” He actually gained weight. Each time he told himself “I am not hungry,” he focused his attention inside to see if he was hungry. He thought about hunger so often that he put conscious energy into being hungry. He was more hungry when he used an affirmation denying hunger than when he didn’t think about hunger.

“Telling yourself not to do something, you focus attention on the very thing you are avoiding, making it harder to avoid,” says Barbara. The mind and imagination must focus on the positive goal.

The wording you use is also very important. You must use statements that your conscious mind can accept. In order for Affirmations to work they must be reasonable, believable and acceptable to the conscious mind, lest the mind dismiss the affirmation as mere wishful thinking. The mind must hear an affirmation and really believe it could be true or become


The next thing I found was about The Law of Attraction, or ‘what you focus on grows’. I know this. I believe it. I’ve seen it happen over and over again. So now I need to apply it to myself in relation to being slim, fit and healthy. My focus has been too much on being fat, unfit and ill. Well, duh as Homer would say!

To use affirmations successfully with the law of attraction you must:

1. Use them build your beliefs as it is your beliefs that create your experience.

2. Engage your emotions in the affirmation process: let yourself feel what it be like to have what you want.

3. Make sure you have worked through the ‘ecology’ of what you want.

4. State the affirmation in the NOW.

5. Do ten minutes per day only, then forget about them.

I used the term ‘ecology’ in number 3 and this is very important. Ecology is the beliefs ‘around’ the changes that want to make. 


And here is another:

The Law states: I attract to myself, whatever I give my focus, attention, or energy to; whether wanted or unwanted. If you think about being broke, poor, lonely and believe your thoughts guess what? That is exactly what you’ll be. This Law applies to your life and every other person’s life on the planet. Like all laws, it is impartial and impersonal, which means it works when you want it to and when you don’t want it to.

Everything comes to us through the most elemental law of physics – Like Attracts Like! Like Attracts Like is nothing more than the Law of Attraction. It is absolute and has nothing to do with your personality, your religious beliefs, being a “good” or a “bad” person or anything else. No one lives beyond this Law. It is an unquestionable law of the universe.


So now to apply what I know.

To lose weight I must :

eat less and move more!

Set my target weight ( done!) I want to be in a healthy BMI ( Body Mass Index) range for my height so tha takes me to 11.5 stones or 161 pounds at the top end of the scale

Decide what I want to change, focus on it being in the present tense, first person and being action oriented, Then rehearse. Most guidance suggests rehearsing at least on waking and before going to sleep. Writing your intention out every day also helps and repeating whenever you can in the day.

Some writers suggest that affirmations that focus on ‘losing’ weight might not be as helpful as ones that focus on being slim and fit. This might be because our minds interpret ‘loss’ as something negative. Anyway, to not take the risk I think I’ll go for the positives and here is my first attempt.

I am slim and fit

I love being slim and fit

I walk with a spring in my step

I love exercising and eating healthy nutritious foods

I am going to work on these this week and report back!  If you have any other affirmations or suggestions please let me know. I love getting your comments and feedback and any encouragement will help spur me along 🙂

From now ………… to the slimmer version ………….to ……………………………………..


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  1. Good thinking Julia and very thought provoking. I have copied out your affirmations and like how they feel. Keep up the good work. Jaki.

  2. Oh this is FAB Julia, really wonderful, thanks for sharing it. I loved reading it and I will continue with my own positive affirmations making sure they follow the rules you suggest.

    One I’ve used for a long time is I love my body and enjoy meditating daily. Amazingly, it works. I find meditation to be second nature.

    I’ve been using this affirmation for about 3 years – it’s on a post it note, stuck on the wall above my computer screen! I might just add a new one or two!

    Cat xxx

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