Mum’s new hat


Mum - Easter 2011

Mum was sad this weekend, over and over. “I just want to cry” she said, time after time.

We went for distraction – lunch at the garden centre. She didn’t want to eat. “I just want to cry and i don’t know why”.

We checked she wasn’t uncomfortable and dealt with her physical needs. She was warm enough, cool enough, clean, not thirsty or hungry.

She perked up a bit for cheesecake with ice cream, a;ways a winner. I felt slightly guilty for giving her a bit of a sugar high.

Still sad. We reassured. She said, ” I just want to cry and I don’t know why. I have everything I need and everyone I want with me” We said, “Its ok, everyone has sad days”.

We went shopping. Two pairs of cotton pull-on trousers for summer with two pretty blouses and a two necklaces to make her look special. We Talked about how she can be all dressed up for the Royal Wedding party on Friday! She smiled.

We sat in the glorious Easter sunshine. It felt like the middle of summer. We had skinny iced lattes, she had a Cornetto. We chatted on, but still she was sad.

I took photos of her wearing her new turquoise sun-hat and looking beautiful. That made her happy for a little while. She loves to be admired.

When we took her home I asked the staff if something sad had happened. Her next door housemate Lily, died las Saturday.

Mum didn’t remember. She can’t remember Lily now. Bu she is still sad. I’m sad too.

The new hat is on the shelf in her wardrobe. Next time it is sunny it will be a new hat all over again.


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