So who just wanted to see The Dress?


William and Kate

Pretty much everyone I know over here is under-whelmed by the whole Royal shindig. There are the feminists, the anti-Royalists, the socialists,  the grumpy old ” what a waste of money and resources” crowd and the rest. Every primary school child in the country though has been pretty much indoctrinated with Royal princess fever. Most have turned it into a Project incorporating every part of the national curriculum into their orgy of festivities this week. Little girls and boys have been voted, nominated or picked by class or teachers as The Bride and The Groom and had their own wedding ceremony under the guise of ‘cultural studies’, ‘citizenship’ or whatever Religious Education is now called ( Philosophy and Ethics at my son’s school).

Of course this well and truly supports the ‘every little girl wants to be ; a) a princess and b) a bride. I’m pretty sure this is socially constructed except that its o engrained we can’t work it out. Already the streets round the route the procession will take are lined with happy campers who pitched their tents to claim a spot at the front. London is heaving. The day has been officially designated as a Bank Holiday aka a Big Day Off but a lot of shops and organisations seem to be staying open so I’m sure there will be assistants glued to a portable TV in every cafe and gym.

What makes me smile is that we all want to see The Dress. Even amongst my circle of non-royalty following friends we all say that. Well the women do mostly. Oh yes that must be that princess/bride gene thingy again.

However here are some suggestions for what to do instead of the Royal Wedding:

join us for a Royal Weeding Party – our garden will love you

listen to The Sex Pistols really loud

Make alternative bunting

Spend the day in bed

Do not under any circumstances turn on the tv, open a newspaper or turn on the radio – appreciate silence

Get thee down to Oxfam and find yourself a wedding dress and wear it for a picnic in your garden ( why should they have all the fun?)

Join me for a cup of tea, a quick look at the dress and a fair amount of surreptitious peeking.    

Tea anyone?

Take the opportunity to have a thoroughly romantic, sentimental, dressing up fest. Wear your own wedding dress/outfit/wig, get those heels out ( yes you at the back too), bake a cake, cry a lot, say “Oh doesn’t she look lovely” and sigh, make your partner propose all over again ( ok do it yourself if necessary), see how much Royal celebratory tat you can buy on the internet and buy all of it, make the children wave flags, put on their tiaras ( yes the boys too obviously) and enjoy. Remember your most precious, romantic, glorious passionate moments and thank your luck stars.

Our Day

I love a good wedding myself. I love the sheer audacity of two people being willing to stand up and say to each other, their friends, family and the world, “I love you, and I want to stay with you for ever”. But that doesn’t mean I think everyone should/ needs to/ or wants to do it. Relationships are just as passionate, loving and for ever without those legal ties that bind. And we have all said ” I love you” and lost.

So at the end of the day I’m glad if William and Kate can have a great wedding and hopefully a long and loving partnership that brings them joy. I wish that for everyone who gets married/moves in together, handfasts or jumps over a broom. And I hope that this day celebrates love wherever and whoever you are, boy, girl, man or woman, old or young, gay or straight.


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  1. We had a royal wedding last year when our crown princess got married. It was crazy, and we had the same debates you describe between people who thought it was lovely and people who thought it was ridiculous and a waste of money. I have to say I loved it. Sure, it was ridiculous and overdone, but isn’t that the whole idea of royalty? That it should provide all the grandiosity and glamour we could want and then some?

    For me, the greatest thing about the royal wedding was (yes, seeing the dress obviously!) remembering how happy we were at our own wedding. Thanks for the picture from yours, it brings back wonderful memories! I’m so grateful I got to share your big day!

    Here’s my blog post from the swedish royal wedding, in case you want to see the pictures (sorry it’s written in Swedish).

    Love, Lisa

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