Menopause moan



Years ago I would have been dropping weight by now, and I don’t mean a healthy pound at a time!
I feel as if I am pushing against the tide to get my metabolism to kick into gear. I can feel myself getting fitter and enjoying moving my body more. I can tie my laces on my trainers without giving myself a hernia which is progress.
I’m know everyone says its harder to lose weight post menopause, and the fat on my tum is evidence of middle age spread, but c’mon godesses of crones I need a bit of help here! Send me a few suggestions, give my metabolism a little spin, show some sisterhood girls will you?
Ok in the meantime I will keep working this body and working on affirming that I am slim and fit and toned.
Here’s my ‘now photo’. I’m going to look back on this in 6 months time and say “Yes!”

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  1. Interesting stuff. I saw Zheetas recommendation of Diana Schwarzbeins work and have tos ay she filled a few blanks for me too. I think the RR program has been a life saver for me but my step seven has been endocrinological in nature (is that even a word?) and I have moved into less legumes, grains and potatoes and gone back to low GL nut/seed/fruit snacks to help level blood sugar even further. It is working very well for both weight loss and inner peace.

    • Fascinating stuff isn’t it? I love hearing what works for different people. I know I need something that both addresses the sugar addiction part and the steadiness I get from the ‘right’ carbs ie wholegrain ones. Im interested in what the enocrinological bit might be Jaki?

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