Flowers to make your heart sing


Nothing makes my heart sing quite like flowers.And spring flowers are the best of all. The reminder of hope after winter. The touch of warm sun and the scent of newly mown grass for the first time. I love looking at other people’s gardens, whether on a walk through the neighbourhood or by visiting formal gardens to walk and wonder and take photos. Azaleas are out now and the scent is sweet and heavy on the air. I buried my head in white lilac too and just drank in the essence of it. Tulips are coming to the end now but the last blowsy exotic petals fall downwards  so that the flowers look like designer  ‘fascinators’ all ready for a smart wedding. Huge purple globes from giant chives make me stop and stare, oh I have to find some of those for our garden this year!

Pink tulips

Poppies are bursting their buds, eager for it to be summer, fooled by the unseasonal warmth. Giant Californian poppies with gorgeous red petals so lush and vibrant you wonder if they are real. Small field poppies in red and orange and yellow, their delicate tissue paper heads bouncing and fluttering in the breeze. Delicious herbaceous borders planted with an eye for colour and design that makes me smile with admiration and awe. Part of the joy of other people’s planting is stealing ideas and inspiration. Magnolias have blossomed everywhere it seems this spring. They seem far too exotic to grace our urban streets but there they are, in ordinary front gardens, bringing a splash of summer. Now they, like the tulips, are at the end of their flowering and even more beautiful as they fade. They become like a different flower so I have to get close to make sure they are the same.





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  1. As a backyard gardener and photographer, my eyes are always amazed by the awesome beauty of nature. Julia, thanks for taking me through this beautiful garden tour. Looking and Loving. Klassi. K.

  2. Love this. I too am loving the flowers in my neighbourhood. We are mostly through the flowering trees now and I look back at them, knowing what they looked like a few weeks ago and I feel like I share a secret with them. “I know you, Miss Magnolia. You can’t hide from me even though your flowers are all gone.” 🙂

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