Rhubarb makes a come back!


The vegetable patch is coming on, this year I’m growing some veg I haven’t tried before. Last year I grew in pots on the patio until I coud get a patch of land clear so this year we have space for potatoes, spring cabbage and onions in one plot. Some herbs in the smaller bit – feverfew, mint and chives so far. I have another big pot with potatoes, one with carrots and some salad leaves and beetroot in others. Still to be sown are yellow and green courgettes ( got to get going with them!) and some red cabbage plants all ready to grow on.


Spring cabbage, onions and potatoes and Mr Frog

I’ve been growing sunflower seeds on the windowsill just for fun, look how fast they grew! Now to find a nice sunny spot by the hedge for them to be planted out and hopefully wave their sunny faces at us. The seeds will be a treat for the birds later on.

Sunflower babies

Last years rhubarb plants which i thought would never take in our poor clay soil have got a new lease of life. I reckon next year we might have a nice crop from them. The ground has been treated to bags of organic soil improver and lashings of chicken and horse poo. I’m still ogling websites for chicken coops and chickens which I would love to have. Maybe next year?! One of my favourite sites is this one : http://www.bhwt.org.uk/

If you are in the UK check it out. The British Hen Welfare Trust re-home ex-battery hens and give them a whole new life. They may arrive looking tatty, feather-less and somewhat the worse for wear but they soon settle in, grow new plumage and become part of the famil. That is my plan anyway. I just have to sort a good home for them first. And just think of all that free chicken poo!

Rhubarb ( no custard)

And lastly – what is yet to come! There is the untamed wild / wildlife upper part of the garden. I didn’t get to the dandelion heads in time before the wind last weekend so we will have another bumper yellow crop in next years grass I’m sure 😦 Longer term we have plans to have a greenhouse on here. Not too big, but somewhere to grow seeds and tomatoes and maybe a few more exotic things like peppers and cucumber. We have a load of old paving stones which I will start putting down later in the summer as a hard standing base. Then all we have to do is ave up for the greenhouse or hopefully find one on freecycle!

There is something about being in the garden and growing things that gets under your skin and into your blood. My ‘gatherer’ nature emerges as I see the seeds begin to sprout and green shoots appear out of blank brown earth. It is good for the soul.

And here is froggy who is bouncing up and down and keeping a beady eye on my cabbages.



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