I have been thinking about happiness. It’s a funny thing isn’t it? We certainly know when we haven’t got it but it can seem difficult to quantify what makes us happy. There has been a lot of research done on happiness and this is some I particularly like:

It is from action for happiness who are a pretty awesome bunch!
Did you know that our happiness is much less related to income and lifestyle than it is to the way we were brought up, the attitudes of people around us and to what we do and our relationships. I think most of us agree that material things don’t make us happy in themselves but the balance is so much more on our relationships and how we think about things. Isn’t that interesting?

One of the things I like about this movement is that it encourages us to et involved and actively do something to make other people happy. Apparently this makes a big difference to our own happiness. And its good karma 🙂

I have printed off some posters about happiness and put them up at work. They make a great talking point and its nice to see people notice them and smile.
I like this one :      The really horrible part of depression is that it sucks all the life and happiness out of you. Everything can feel grey and dark and fuzzy and waking up every morning is an effort rather than a natural process. For me, I know  I started to feel better when I recognised again a moment of lightness and realised it was happiness. I have learnt that so much can affect the way I feel, the food I eat, the amount of exercise I take, sleep, sunlight, love. And that when you have been running on empty due to overload for too long it is impossible to give anything back.

Happiness is a precious commodity. You can’t hold it in the plam of your hand, but you can forget that it is there. Noticing and appreciating what makes our lives good can change a day from ordinary to happy. Sharing happiness with others is easy, smiles and laughter are catching. And if today is a hard day and happiness seems a world away, believe it will return.    


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