Uganda could pass ‘Kill the Gays’ Law



I can’t just let this pass me by. And although I rarely use this blog to make a political statement today I will.

Love is what matters. Love is all. If we don’t have love we are nothing. Love doesn’t judge. It is kind and compassionate. Love means appreciating the light in each human being. Recognising the divine within us all. Love is a meeting of minds, a connection of spirit, a hand held in the dark. Love is the tenderness for a child, the hug of a friend, the bittersweet of an aging parent. Love may mean being able to share your life with one special person or with many. Love is about intimacy and sharing the spiritual, physical and emotional magic that comes from committment. Love is for all of us. Spirit does not count whether we are gay, lesbian, transsexual or straight, black or white, disabled or not, religious or not.

You may have friends, parents, children, lovers who are gay. If they were in Uganda they could be killed for their sexuality.

I am very lucky. My girl and I were able to celebrate our civil partnership with all our friends and family there. It was a joyous, wonderful, love-filled occasion and spirit was there. What would be lost if that hadn’t happened? Too much to count.

                                                                                                                           Signing the Register and dancing the night away


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