You know you are middle aged when……..




You know you are middle-aged when:
You love watching countryfile and nature programs instead of rolling your eyes
You can’t drink caffeine or you’re awake all night
A nice walk and Sunday lunch make the weekend
You feel older than your parent
Your kids aren’t the only ones with hormones
Your son buys you a cup of coffee
Bed time is between 10 and 11
You like getting home ‘to your own bed’
You start to enjoy garden centres
You really like a nice nap in the afternoon
Many a happy hour is spent contemplating retirement plans
You think about downsizing
That motorcaravan/caravan/barge becomes a step nearer
Middle age spread becomes a daily fact
You have learnt to like yourself as you are
Your inner teen is still inside and kicking
Good friends become even more precious
Family is all
The natural world becomes even more beautiful
You find yourself photographing the seasons
Life is too short not to …………..

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