A Breath of Fresh Air


I took a half hour break at lunch-time today and walked round the lake at one of the city parks. I noticed this morning I had some anxiety, which I think was a left-over feeling from a work related situation yesterday. No biggie, but the feelings of anxiety have ben uncomfortable and scary enough in the past for me to want to be pro-active when I can to try to help myself. I know both from experience and from learning from others that some physical exercise is a great way of settling anxiety.    

When we get anxious our bodies flood with adrenaline and the response to that is for the brain to release cortisol. As I understand it with my knowledge of Hormones etc 101, this means that our bodies are in the fight or flight response mode. So the come-down from that can be feeling flat, low, shaky and something I noticed yesterday hungry! Of course our bodies think we must eat to fuel the flight! This is another reason why stress can make you fat. And having an adrenaline/ cortisol response over and over when we are in situations of repeated stress over a long period of time means that our bodies also retain fat ( in case we starve whilst in flight mode). See our bodies are amazingly clever!  

So the long and the short of it is that today’s anxiety made me sit up and take notice. The ducks and geese, moorhens and swans were out in force. Goslings and ducklings wandered across the paths then followed mum and dad into the water. The sun was shining, there was a good breeze. Fishermen had set up camp along the edge of the lake and pondered the state of the world. Yellow spears of iris shone and a scramble of wild dog roses fluttered pink and white.   

I left refreshed and with the anxiety left behind in the wind.


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