Fat Girl Slim ( It’s a Rocky Road)


It’s a bit of a rocky road sometimes this dieting business. This weekend has felt a bit of an uphill struggle with the occasional slide down. Food has been pretty good overall. I am tight on the no sugar, no white carbs thing – that is so much a part of my life now that I don’t want to imagine my life again in the sugar/whites crash.

But exercise has slipped a bit and I can feel it. It’s not like we did nothing. The dog got walked, once on Saturday, twice on Sunday but Friday night was a bit of a flop on the sofa. I’m grateful though that my energy levels are up overall. It’s not very long ago that a busy day of grocery shopping/hanging out in town/walking the dog/cinema ( Saturday) would have finished me off for the rest of the weekend. Sunday I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and happy. So I can see a big shift in my health and well-being which is the road I am travelling.

Sometimes I think it’s too easy to beat myself up if the diet isn’t perfect or I havent done the ‘right’ number of days at the gym. ( What, perfectionist tendencies, me? Humph). So it is good to sit here, take a cleansing breath as the yogis do and remember this is a journey. With a journey the detours along the way can be as illuminating and enjoyable as the main road. Stopping to study the map can give a new idea or make me appreciate the scenery. So each moment on this journey is for learning.     

Last night I had the munchies. I can’t have been hungry but I may have been thirsty. I need to work on having enough water. Note to self remember to carry ( aka Find) water bottle

Saturday night we saw a film ( Oranges and Sunshine – go find it). It was deeply moving. The missus cried and was still crying Sunday morning. I’m a hard bitch. My tears were on the inside.  After the film I had a very strong Mars Bar craving. Oooh what a powerful bit of info. I didnt’ eat one by the way. But the old pattern of strong emotion = sweet treat/ comfort was alive and kicking. We went home and had a cup of tea 🙂

I love these bits of information. They add up to such a wonderful treasure trove of knowledge about my pretty amazing body. And keeping a journal/writing them down as they pop up keeps that info stored for the next time I wonder wtf is going on here!

So plan for the day is a dog walk and the gym tonight. My muscles want to be used and I know that balance will be restored.

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