One day at a time



Today I was reminded that recovery is about taking care of myself one day, one moment at a time. Recovery seems to have the same components whether it is from addiction, illness or depression and burn out.

Focusing on now, being in the moment and not getting sucked in to what went before.
Being grateful for small mercies, each sign of change is worth noticing.
Spending time in quietness whether that be meditation, prayer or sleep.
Getting enough rest.
Not expecting too much too soon.
Asking for help when we need it.
Accepting that it is a process, its not about perfection.
Some days will be better than others.

Today I feel like I should’ve stayed in bed! I’ve been tired and feeling somewhat overwhelmed. I don’t like to say too much or to let my guard down sometimes. I get scared people will think I’m falling apart again. Silly eh?
So feeling wobbly and overwhelmed meant some things didn’t work out so well today. But other things did. The things that are worrying me will be resolved. And I will make sure I give myself some space next time I have a heavy day emotionally.
Recovery is all about being gentle with ourselves. One day at a time.

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  1. The main thing is you realised it. Listen to your body and be kind to it. Yesterday I did absolutely nothing. I lay on the settee all day looking at gardening mags. This morning I was able to catch up on the jobs I neglacted yeasterday and enjoy doing them.

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