Weekly photo challenge – Water


Loch Lomond at dawn

Water is my favourite element. I am a fish, Pisces, often swimming in two directions.Choosing a water image was hard, I have so many. All the best days are spent near water, the sea, a lake, rivers or streams.I dream of living near water. The constant movement, the way the wind ruffles the surface with a gentle breeze or creates huge waves, the sound of rushing and gurgling or the soothing shush, shush of water lapping the beach. Holidays and days at the sea. Playing with water with the children in the garden, the fun of paddling pools and water guns. Soaking wet and laughing. Swimming, paddling, bathing and floating. Water to drink and wash with. the start of life swimming in water. Water babies and mermaids, Marina in Thunderbirds swimming elegantly in her own silent world. Dolphins and whales in the Bay of Biscay on a crossing to Santander. 

This photo is Loch Lomond at dawn, March 10th 2009. We woke as dawn crept across the sky and watched as the colours brightened and the loch shimmered and gleamed in the first rays. All was quiet and still, the only movement a seagull landing on the post. Later a single canoe was rowed across the centre, a tiny splish as the oars left the water, the boat moved effortlessly as if by magic. It was the perfect start to an unforgettable day.

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