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Lookking back

Sometimes unexpected treasures are hidden from view.Looking back on the past is like an archway onto another world. Todays treasures were my Grandpa’s long service certificate from Newton Chambers in Sheffield. He worked there for 50 years and then went back every week of his retirement to conduct a prayer meeting and Bible Study for the workers. Pasted to the back of the framed certificate were letters sent to him to thank him also for his service to the church.  Here is a small extract:

Feb 10th 1940

In considering their responsibility in light of the Bishop’s recent “spiritual call to arms’, the ( parish sic) council place on record their grateful appreciation of the work of Mr T.B Richardson, particularly among the young people of the parish” ………As it is hoped to hold evensong at the usual time when the lighting restrictions allow it, we hope that you will be able to resume your monthly services.In the very firm opinion of the council, they are a very valuable contribution to the spiritual life of this parish, more particularly at the present time.

Grandpa always wanted to be in the church, he had dreams of becoming a Minister in the Church of England and was always a truly gentle, devout man. As a young man he studied and studied by correspondence courses and evening classes but there wasnt enough money for him and his younger brother William to be trained in a profession. So Grandpa worked to put  Uncle Billy, through the training to become a priest.

My dad found some of Grandpa’s insistence on church attendance too much, twice a day and Sunday school in the afternoons on Sundays made him wider reaching in his own adult life with regard to religion and spirituality.

But I always remember the sweet nature of my Grandpa, his unassuming presence and quiet persistence. He was a steadfast man who believed that love was the cornerstone of life. I think that was a pretty good legacy.


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  1. —and here we are blogging and facebooking away. Will our recordings be long lasting and be discovered by our grandchildren? Or will they be lost in cyberspace. I wonder what delving into the past will be like in the future. What a weird sentence that is.

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