Fat Girl Slim – a little hiccup


I am keeping myself on track by making myself accountable over here! This week the diet aka healthy eating programme has had a bit of a hiccup. Or rather I have. Not enough exercise and too much fat and the scales show a 2 lb gain. I swear I only need to look at a piece of cheese or an ice cream and it attaches itself to my hips.

The missus on the other hand has been consistent with the gym and had a minor blip of a flapjack and has lost weight again. Humph. Well here I am anyway. And as this is a journey not a one stop train I have time to get myself together again.

I read an interesting article this morning on twitter, thought it might be good to share here: How to stop the Pain

I have trouble with aching joints and a definitely arthritic knee/hip so anything about this interests me. I know that eating better food, not processed, fresh, whole grain, no sugars makes a big difference to how I feel all over. The key things that Vijay Vad mentions are no trans-fats ( ditch the butter-like spreads), lots of fresh fruit and veg and skip red meat in favour of white and chicken. We’ve certainly cut our red meat, although I do like it from time to time. So I think I’m on track here.

Interestingly I have found that doing more exercise actually makes my knee feel better, who’d a thought it?! Well actually lots of people, but it was still a surprise to me!

So today I’ve been to the gym – treadmill and X-trainer and the weights, eaten good food but not drunk enough water. I’ve had to give myself a little talking to and remember why I am doing this, Maybe I’ll write out a list and share that next time.



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  1. Exercise actually does make my knee’s and back feel better. I have to be careful with my jumping in martial arts. I take a day between classes t let knee rest.I ride bike instead. I here fish oil also helps with joints.

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