Fat Girl Slim – the reasons why


Imagine you were to go to bed tonight and have a wonderful nights sleep .Whilst you are sleeping a miracle happens. When you wake up you are slim and fit and healthy. What would you notice? Thanks to Solution Focused Therapy for this idea Miracle Question

I would wake up alert and full of energy. I would love being able to choose what to wear because everything in my wardrobe fits well and looks great on me. I would look forward to my day and eating healthy food. I would feel great about myself.

Now some of those things are already true. I wake up feeling pretty good most days and I am happy with myself for making the effort to get slimmer and healthier. But some days its hard work and I need a little extra motivation

Well yesterday I was talking of coming up with a list of some of the reasons and motivations for losing weight. Here they are, or at least todays haul. I realise that many of them are shallow, if you think caring about how you look is shallow. The number one top priority for me is to be fitter and healthier but the benefits of feeling fantastic and looking great are I think the ones that will keep me going and ( I hope) keep me steady when I get there.

Feeling fitter and healthier

Not having to buy plus size clothes in plus size shops

Being able to find clothes I like in Oxfam ( all the good ones are under size 16)

Not getting Diabetes

Not ending up in hospital again with cellulitis

Being able to walk further and faster

Looking forward to an active retirement

Having knickers that don’t roll down

Wearing sleeveless tops more comfortably

Being full of energy

Looking better for myself

Being able to climb that mountain

Not falling asleep on the sofa at 9pm ( or earlier)

Not worrying whether I’ll fit into the seat on the plane/rollercoaster/bus

because I want to ive the rest of my life as a slim, fit, toned person

I want to have a wet suit and learn to scuba dive

I want to go horse riding on a beach

I want to be the me on the outside that reflects the me on the inside

I don’t want to be a yo-yo

Having my family and friends be proud of me

Being proud of myself

Feeling young for my age

Liking looking at photos of myself


Please add any other ideas in the comments. All motivators welcome!





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