Numbers in colour-a lifetimes treasures



Gosh this selling thing is interesting isn’t it? I am learning that you never know what someone else might want, and the stuff you think is lovely just doesn’t rock the boat! I’ve been getting busy with ebay, amazon selling and the glorious thing that is freecycle. An initial flurry of selling on ebay and amazon has probably got me over excited and tempted to sell all our worldy possessions. Family if you are reading this  I suggest you hide it or nail it down!

More sifting and sorting today at Mum’s old house. An awful lot of old magazines and catalogues (not the interesting sort!), Old pillows and a mobile phone the size of a clutch bag. A soft play croquet set, an electric leg exerciser and a lot of aging make-up.
So a car full to the dump, another couple of boxes to the charity shops and a few listings on the web.

In addition were my baby shoes (remember Chilprufe anyone?), a wedding veil and some pieces of old lace. A satin cushion cover embroidered by Aunty in Wales with a label saying it won 1st prize at the Eistedfodd. So many bits of history.

I’m also learning that these hoarding tendencies seem to be replicated in the grandchildren. Son One struggles manfully with his tendencies to search every bag and box I am getting rid of and of course everyone loves to see what treasures might turn up next.

For today I found these Cuisinaire rods. They are in their original box from the 1940’s. Designed by the Belgian Georges Cuisinaire in 1940, these wooden rods are a mathematical tool for teaching value. You can still buy them today, often plastic, but still used. Mum used them in teaching before I was born and then I was allowed to play with them as a child on the dining room table with its green baize cover. I think Mum thought I’d learn maths with them but I remember playing they were families just like I did with my dolls. Numbers were never my thing!

Numbers in colour they are called. Just seeing the box takes me back 50 years and I remember the love, the play and the colour. These we will keep.


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