Lost – one tax disc



I ordered my new tax disc online for this years driving. Efficient and quick. It arrived yesterday, pretty promptly.
I opened it and thought, hmmm I need a new holder for this, the Old one keeps falling off the window. So I put it on the table in the kitchen.

So where is it now? Hmm you tell me.

Yrs our kitchen table is the repository of many pieces of paper, envelopes, a folder, son 3’s A level revision mind maps, the laptop, a teapot and salt and pepper. Also 2 serving mats and a few pens. But its all beautifully organised. Honestly. I know what is on each of those piles. I know where to find the hospital appointment letter, the bank details and the stamps.

But no tax disc.

I’ve searched 3 times so far. Then went to aquafit. On the way I said a little prayer to St Jude, I think he’s the patron saint of hopeless causes so that seemed ok. I’m sure there is a saint for lost things but I was brought up in the wrong church, perhaps I can google him/her.
I also sang a little song to the Parking Angel, I reckon she knows where my tax disc is and I know she’s pretty damn good with the parking thing.

On the way home I bought batteries and had a latte in the car to give everyone time to get sorted.

It’s still a mystery. But I am letting it be. I will get a replacement now and then the Old one will turn up!

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