Play at the park



Walking the dog round the park tonight was a treat after a tiring day. It’s a council park, lots of grass and play areas for different ages.
Tonight the place was humming with playfulness. A cycle meet with loudspeaker and bells tucked away at one end.
Further on a group of kids were all dressed up and learning American football, a new sight in our English town.
At the skate park the crowd of teens were hanging out. A few crafty cigarettes and a lot of Lynx. Girls with a little too much make up and oversized hoodies. The boys desperate for cool, sitting half assessing on bikes, skimming around on skateboards or just lounging on the bench.
As we walk on we meet other dogs and their people, a friendly hyperactive Boxer looks initially intimidating incher studded collar but pauses only to sniff and smile.
A young family are out with two small children on bikes with trainer wheels and baby in buggy. A good way to work off some energy before bedtime.
A young man kicks a football exuberantly to himself in the middle of the rugby pitch.
We walk sedately with Mr G trotting along in his poodleish way.
A walk with the dog and a chance to be grateful for open places, green spaces and simple pleasures.

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