Fat Girl Slim – Keeps going and gets a result


Our own lettuce, ready to eat

Well after last weeks bingey blip I am H.A.P.P.Y to report a Loss. In fact I have lost the 2 lbs I put on PLUS 2 lbs which takes me under the ‘next’ stone. Yes!

I was worried at the end of last week that I would let things slip. Sometimes it’s so easy to have a bad day or two and then think, to hell with it and let it all go. Well lets say that has often been my dieting history. Very addictive behaviour n’est ce pas? So a good thing I am finding is that I am learning to encourage my little addictive self to get on board in a good way here. So I encourage her to do the research ( she LOVES that), get all the ducks in a row as to what is good to eat. She likes planning and being in control so getting to decide what the menu will be for the week, packing lunches and planning dinners suits her obsessive traits.

And then I need to be the gentle adult, the nurturing parent ( Thank you T.A) and encourage my inner couch potato to do some exercise. So taking the dog for a walk every evening this week has been good. The missus and I go together which is a great way to let go of the tensions of the day, get some fresh air and be together and laugh at the dog playing. The days I was off work I took him for a walk in the daytime and we explored 2 new parks, that satisfies me on a lot of levels. I got back to Aquafit this week and went to the gym a couple of times too for some weights and cardio. And it felt good. My main issue is getting out of the door or off the sofa. I totally see the point now of a gym buddy. Luckily for me, mine lives here too so we can give each other a shove.

Food wise this week I have made loads of salads. It’s the right time of year for it, plus our very own lettuce is ready to eat and I just love eating our own food, there is nothing better. So salads have been lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot, green and red peppers, courgettes , mushrooms and any other veggies that look good/are in the fridge. I think the key is to have plenty of body and crunch in there. Just lettuce doesn’t cut it as a satisfying vegetable that will fill you up. You need some substance in there. This week I think we’ll add some grated cabbage and carrot. Lovely tiny new potatoes are everywhere right now so they have been in there too. At night for dinner we’ve eaten fish several times, red meat once, vegetarian sausage once and chicken. I know if I eat oily fish more it helps with the weight loss and its great for all those Omegas. So we’ve had smoked mackerel in lunch boxes and salmon at night.

I am feeling pretty happy with myself. A couple of people at work have commented nicely that I’ve lost weight and I was able to be gracious and say ‘Thank you for noticing’ instead of just shrugging it off. I am finding that being open about the fact that I’m working on losing weight is a good thing not a secret shame. Thanks for checking in with me, blogging about it helps too and knowing you’re out there rooting for me!


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