Art for arts sake


Some days you just stumble upon something that lights you up. A few years ago we had a weeks family camping holiday in Norfolk. The sun shone, the skies were blue and even the cold North Sea was warm enough for us to swim in. It felt like an Enid Blyton sort of holiday. The village next to the campsite and the flavour of a 1930’s Poirot mystery. I’m sure Agatha must have been there. It even had an old-fashioned railway station complete with pots of flowers on the platform. One day we caught the stopping train to Norwich for big city delights. But we were glad to come ‘home’ again to the quiet dawdling days by the beach.

One hot day we went past a church with a little poster advertising an Art display. Expecting some watercolours and a few crafts we sauntered up the path. The boys stayed in the car as boys do. The art was incredible. And the setting in the church was beautiful. Inside the ordinary looking stone building were stripped bare whitewashed walls and huge windows. The stripped beams in the roof felt like being in an upside down boat and the place was full of light and air and the scent of the sea. Most of the art was in the church yard, installations and witty signs.

The stars in the ceiling made me happy. I was thinking of them today and of how that stop along the way filled the day with light. Sometimes just taking the time to look reveals hidden beauty.


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