When you get mad, what calms you down?


This WordPress suggestion for a post caught my eye. I am not feeling mad today. I am pretty chilled tonight after an Indian take-away followed by strawberries and frozen yogurt with the missus, our vg friend and sons 3 and 4.

I do get angry, but mostly I get snappy and irritable rather than full on mad. So what calms me down is getting away from it all, having some time to myself and probably going to bed with a good book, a cup of tea and silence. Other than that a walk outside or playing with the dog . Don’t push me, ask me what’s wrong or tell me “what you should do is ……”

Give me some space. If I’m feeling snappy or irritated it maybe because I’m upset. Its much easier sometimes to be cross than it is to cry. I might say “I’m feeling rubbish today” but if you don’t hear me then I’ll just get upset later after you’ve gone. Hmm yes, I too can do co-dependent.

Me and the missus can fight like cat and dog when we’re both tired and stressed. We bitch and bicker and wrangle over nonsense. Mostly afterwards I couldn’t tell you what it was about, who started it or why. Generally we make up and laugh about it after. I guess it’s those warning signs that say “listen up girls, you’re stressed out”. We need to take notice before the temperature rises and take the relationship chill pill called a holiday, date night or do something that just makes us laugh. Time Out.

Being with my family and friends calms me down when it doesn’t wind me up. And when I get wound up 99% of the time would be down to  silly ordinary stuff that we all have. Who didn’t put the dishwasher on, cook the tea, let me know what their plans were sort of stuff. I of course never do anything to irritate them.

So my calming down plan works best if everyone just does stuff My way. Then there is no reason for me to get mad at all. Or…. I need space, a duvet and a cup of tea. Tea. That’s the best. Put the kettle on. I am English after all.



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  1. I clean! I scrub things and wipe things and wash things! You’d think I have a really clean house, but generally speaking I don’t clean much LOL. When I’m mad, though, I clean! xxx

  2. I clean when I’m anxious. When I’m mad I have long arguments in my head where I’m brilliant and always win. Often that’s enough and I don’t need to have them in real life. Swearing works too, and writing angry blog posts or diary entries, for letting some steam out. When I’m really really mad I lock myself in the bathroom and cry. Not sure how productive that really is, but at least it stops me from doing more stupid things.

    Of course you would never do anything to irritate anyone LOL. Neither do I.

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