Life in a Day



We saw this film today. Thousand of people from all over the world sent in video clips of their lives on one day, July 24th 2010. This film is the edited collection. People were asked a few questions which they could answer on the video, like “Who do you love?”,  and “What do you fear”.

It made me think about how we notice and mark the passage of time. Diaries and anniversaries, birthdays and celebrations. Each passing year is noted. I remember a similar collection in the 1980’s when 2 photographic books were produced, one in Britain and the other in the Irish Republic for a cancer charity. People sent in photos of their day. From birth to death in one day with all the events in between.

And I thought about blogging. On just this site, every day people write something about their day or the thoughts that are in their head. We share photos, memories and emotions, tears and laughter. Imagine a book of One day in the Life of a Blog.Most days I read through at least some of the ‘Post a Day’ blogs here. The variety fascinated me, the minutiae of everyday life.

Famous diarists and ordinary folk keeping a record of their life. Collections of correspondence from the days of letters. A collection of love letters between Mum and dad kept in a box and tied up with ribbon. Children’s drawings packed away in the bottom of a drawer. A memory box for each of my children, their baby wristbands, 1st birthday cards, swimming certificates and school photos things I put together in case I died before they grew up, in that paranoid worst case scenario mummy thinking. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have a record of a day a year? I loved a series called ‘7 up’ produced by ITV of children born in 1964. Filmed every seven years well into adulthood, the series recorded not just the children’s lives but changing cultures, politics and expectations. A sociological study with the poignancy of an innocence that grew up alongside the camera. See this :  7 Up




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