Not the Antiques Roadshow


Three full days sorting and sifting and clearing at Mums old house. I may never want to see another bin bag or go through another box. It makes me long for minimalism.
You know that old chestnut, what would you take if your house was burning (assuming everyone is safe). I don’t think they would ever have been able to say! That’s what happens if you just keep everything!
Today I had a book dealer round to look at their shelves and shelves of books. He dismissed them all as ‘charity shop’ and offered twenty quid for the lot. I turned it down. I’m making a bet I can make more than that off eBay or amazon. And the charity shops will still benefit too.
In a box at the bottom of the wardrobe in the spare room were a collection of very Old christening gowns. Hand sewn with delicate lace or embroidery, they are so poignant in their tiny symbolism. The treasured memories of each of those darling babies long grown old and passed on.
Tomorrow they come to take most of the furniture and packed up treasures away. We have kept those that mean most to us all. The boys have chosen things to remember thirty grandparents by. I have boxes of photos to collate on winter evenings. I will out together some scrapbooks and frame some for the walls.
The rest goes to auction. I don’t think I will be there. It’s not Antiques Roadshow or Cash in the Attic, this was their life.
And when it’s all done I will be glad. And we can concentrate on the living, mum and all.

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