Sunny Summer Sunday


Sunday being a day of rest we took the day off from house clearing. So nice to have a break from lifting and sorting. I had a lie in till nearly eleven o’clock when I realised I’d better make with the ‘Im leaping out of bed right NOW’ look. At 11 on the dot a nice aging rocker man arrived on the doorstep, money clutched into a sticky roll in his hand and went away grinning carrying son 3’s old drum pedal as sold on eBay. Son 3 wasn’t actually in so I dealt with that.

It has been a glorious English summer day. The sort people imagine we have when they don’t think its raining. The summer days we fantasise about from foreign shores or when we are old and all the summers were like this. That meant taking Mum out was a production. We took the dog too so of course he has his own bag with water and bowl and dog biscuits. Mum has a jacket and sun hat and a blanket in case she gets cold, tissues and wipes and a spare pad just in case. I’ve learnt to be prepared. The windows in the car went up and down depending on animal and people’s tolerance of hot/cold/draught. To a different garden centre today, one where we could sit and have lunch outside. Lovely salmon salads with new potatoes and a lemon and dill dressing ( 2 between 3 of us was plenty). We had some confusion over what Mum wanted. Todays phrases were ‘I don’t know what to do” and ‘What do I do now?’. She seemed confused and as if she doesn’t know whether she is thirsty, wants the toilet or which bit is uncomfortable. So we do a lot of guessing games until we get it right. Sometimes its very frustrating for all of us. Some days I feel my patience stretch thin like a piece of clingfilm. The heat doesn’t help. Ice cream did. Funny that.

When we got back I felt mean for making her walk down the corridor to her room. She was tired and wanted to go in her wheelchair, but I knew she could do it and its so important to keep her on her feet and her circulation going that a little walk after an afternoon in the wheelchair is important. Anyway she forgot I was mean by the time we were back at her room and we settled her with cool water and her feet up in her chair for a nap.

So back to the house to nod off gently to ‘Morse’ on the TV whilst waiting for a Freecycler to collect an old white wardrobe. And now we are going to go out for tea and sit in a pub garden whilst the sun shines and the summer is here for today.


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  1. Thank you for writing! You paint beautiful pictures in my mind with your words. The clearing of stuff inspires my own de-cluttering – a journey that just has begun.

  2. I am wryly smiling – is that even a word? – your Mum at least uses ‘I’. Mine has a favourite phrase which is ‘what are WE going to do Jacqueline?’. Somehow I don’t feel my inclusion is as much lovingly familial as directively responsible :o(
    Nevertheless, whilst thoroughly identifying with clingfilm, I love your summer day and your amiability towards your Mum is encouraging for me. Good luck with the clearing – we are about to start the same task in the Autumn – thank grace for Freecycle and Ebay. J x

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