Bowling along together


Quality time with my kids happens in various ways. Some are better than others. This week I’ve spent two half days in hospital waiting rooms. Todays was with Son 2 who went over on his ankle 10 days ago and decided today that as it was still causing problems he would go and have an X-ray. ¬†Luckily it’s not broken just badly sprained. I did suggest this course of action a while ago in case you are wondering about my parenting, but he is 22 and a bit big to force! Still it gave us a few hours catch up time.

Then this afternoon we took Sons 3 and 4 bowling and then to Frankie and Benny’s for tea. With a 16 and 18-year-old who have both just finished exams and have a long social summer to make up on lost time, finding a window for parent/kid stuff is a struggle. Often it is in passing, over meals or maybe over the odd TV show we might have in common. I think we all miss the catch up sometimes and it is so good to just have time to play, laugh and be silly together. I think we are all conscious that Son 3 is on the verge of fledging the nest, with plans for University come October. Maybe that makes these moments even more special.

So bowling ran true to course ie: I came last. The guys in the next lane had their own bowling ball, chalk and serious scores. I can barely manage with the bumpers down. The boys look cool though and we got to watch Murray play in the Wimbledon Quarter Final at the same time.

I was thinking this morning that it’s really only my generation that started to have expectations around ourselves or are children leaving home and going off to college at 18 as a matter of course. My parents generation may have had further education too, my Dad studied at Sheffield University by night and summer schools whilst living at home. Many young men and women lived with their parents until they were old enough to marry and set up home for themselves. I wonder if with the current recession and increasing pressure of fees and living costs if the Baby Boom generation may find themselves with adult children at home far longer?

Well it was a passing, though maybe uncomfortable, thought. For now I’m enjoying the moments together as well as the independence and growing up we are all doing together.



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