Goodbye Clutter, Hello Floor


The de-clutter bug seems to have taken hold. Or rather, having spent 2 weeks clearing and de-cluttering at Mums house, our own is looking decidedly in need of a make-over. Downstairs in our back room is where I have now got ‘Ebay corner”. Boxes of books and any items up for sale along with padded envelopes, bubble wrap, tissue paper and stickers ( for re-using envelopes). I am enjoying this new sideline!
periodically I also have a line of items in the hall waiting for ‘Freecyclers’ to come and carry them away. The boys have got used to someone knocking at the door and saying ” I’ve come for the curling wand/building blocks/ toy” and handing said item over.

So the next place to tackle seemed to be the bedroom. This being a two girl household, who have both covered a range of sizes, we have a LOT of clothes. We’re pretty good at passing stuff on, but even so it seems to grow. So today I had everything out. The wardrobe now has things hanging in it that we will actually wear. I rediscovered a top and a shrug cardigan. I put a few things on eBay as never going to be worn/worn again. Two bags of charity shop and one bag of Beyond the pale, Seriously needs throwing out, Why is it even in the house? stuff.

How many nighties/PJ’s/Big T shirts you could sleep in but not wear out of the house, do two girls need? Considering we never wear them in bed, you’d think not many. Wrong. Of couse I do love a weekend lounging about in PJ bottoms/leggings and said T shirt but I really don’t still need the faded blue baggy sweatshirt that I wore and loved whilst pregnant with son 3, now 18. Or do I? Its gone, its gone, I promise.

And another thing. Ladies undergarments. Knickers, briefs, pants, construction underwear to keep it all in, bras of all shapes and sizes. Sports bras, underwire, not underwire, lacy, practical, cotton, things that resemble corsetry. Tights. Pairs and pairs of tights. Black, blue, purple, even pink. Socks. Hardly a pair to be found. Slipper socks – yes I do need 3 pairs.

I am trying hard to get a balance between the minimalism that just wants to have the minimum and the hoarder soul who knows that it ‘will come in useful’. I have been up and down sizes enough to wish sometimes that I’d held on to that size larger or smaller. My housewife economy persona wants to be frugal and sensible. But I have to say that fat or thin what matters most is feeling good in myself and having comfortable, even stylish clothes which fit ‘now’. So de-cluttering opens up space to just enjoy who I am right now. Get my drift here? I suppose I also have to confess to subscribing pretty much to the notion that ‘what goes around, comes around’. Or more elegantly, that this world is a never-ending supply of wonderful resources and somehow on a metaphysical and a practical level that by not holding on to stuff I no longer need I allow the energy to flow not get blocked ( by clutter). And where there is a flow ir is a two way process. So there is always enough. Ok end of hippie moment.

The bedroom is a work in progress, and so am I.


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