Prom Night



It is Prom Night for son no.4 and the gang. So we gathered to take photos and ooh and ash about how our babies had grown. Many of them hsve been in school together from nursery age and its fun to see them dressed to the nines with their own individual style and twists. There was Top Hat and Tails boy, Sharp Suit and Purple Winkle Picker Boots boy, Shiny Lounge Suit and Tux 1-4.

And then the girls. I have boys. So Prom means hiring or buying a suit. Having a shower and maybe a haircut. Mostly it doesn’t mean nail parlours and prom hair and corsages and spray tan. And the dress.

Seeing them all together waiting for their limo, it was like a precursor of wedding days to come. 

Hats changed heads, deals were already done about secret stashed and which car to hire, the tour to drive round and wave, and arrangements made for taxis and overnighters. Parents smile and click and wave them off. Grateful they will look after each other now and saying a quick prayer for safety along the way. The teenage parents only wish, ‘Keep them safe’.

We never had these events in the olden days of the 70’s when I left school. Mind you I was so glad to see the back of the place I’m not sure I’d have wanted to go. I am grateful that school has been a good place for this group and that they are such a lovely group. Seeing boys and girls as friends, as well as boyfriend/girlfriend is good. And this generation are cool about who they are. Boys, girls, gay, straight.

I am proud of my boy. And glad to see him through this latest rite of passage.

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