Fat Girl Slim – another step closer


Well I didn’t get to my ‘diet class’ this week as planned. A night out for a curry with work colleagues just couldn’t be avoided! But I stayed clear of fatty sauces and had a vegetable curry with mushroom pilau rice. Mmmm. No pud and no alcohol so that was a good night. And we had a laugh which has got to be one of the best ways to spend an evening.

I have been focused this week. The last 2 weeks had seen me put on a few pounds so this week back at work has been an opoortunity to get back into routine. Sometimes weekends and holidays are hell on diets aren’t they? A normal week means regular meal times and being prepared with my lunch in a bag and dinner happening on time. I need to work on making that happen on holidays.My body like routine. and that way I am so much less likely to succumb to stuff I don’t want to eat because I’ve let meals get too late and I’m starving.

It’s funny how easy it is to let slip habits and routines that I think are as well established as breathing. And getting habits established is hard. I always struggle with consistency with exercise. Some people seem to find it easy. Not me. I am intrinsically lazy. And yet I remember loving movement as a child ( who thought of it as exercise then?). I loved swimming and skipping and walking and hop-scotch. Riding a bike, a scooter and playing games like rounders. Doing hand stands and cartwheels and roly-polys and the crab. How flexible and fun that all sounds.

I think one of the keys to getting moving must be re-creating that sense of fun and play.And the other part must be being the grown up who knows its good for me and says ‘Just Do It’. But I am still being kind to myself here and recognising that I am doing pretty well. I’ve been much clearer with my food this week. I have had one too many cappucinos and exercise has been sketchy. But I’m still moving forward one little step at a time.

Next week my plan is to make sure I’m writing down what I eat and how I feel.  Step 2 of the Radiant Recovery Programme is about keeping a journal. To know more follow this link:  Seven Steps of RR

I am going to join a class where I can do an aerobics workout as well as the diet. I feel like I need the support and motivation to go alongside what I already know and do. And I am going to commit to taking the dog for a proper walk every day. I posted a blog earlier in the week which linked to some research that has shown how writing a blog about dieting / losing weight really helps. See it again here: blogging-it-off-lose-weight-with-help-startribune-com

The evidence seems to show that it’s the interactivity that really makes a difference. When the topic starts a conversation and when it means a current of support and encouragement flowing back and forth. Pretty cool I thought. And in my own little way I can testify that this is true. One of the tools for success seems to have been being honest about sharing photos of progress, weight lost and gained etc. Well this is my photo of me taken in May. I think I’ve lost about 10 pounds since then. We will get to starting weight on another occasion when I’ve got used to the numbers!

So thanks for reading, listening and commenting. Thanks for sharing the journey. And lets kick some  fat ass this week!



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  1. Hi Julia
    I love seeing your honesty on here. I’m playing snakes and ladders with RR too, up and down the steps. But it’s still there as the kind of foundation principle for how I look at food, even when I can’t really say I’m ‘doing the programme’. I’m getting back to a place where I think I might be able to start losing some of the weight I’ve piled back on in the last couple of years. Your blog is a great encouragement. Linda x

  2. Hi Julia
    I really enjoy reading your posts and I am inspired by your weight loss journey! I have put on some weight lately and I have been trying to get motivated to do something about it but I keep putting it off!

    Keep up the good work 🙂 I really enjoy reading your stories about your Mum too. I can relate to a lot of what you say. Have a great day! Lorraine

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