Weekly photo challenge – Old fashioned



Pink satin tea cosy. Made by my Great Aunt Evaline in the 1940s and which won her 1st prize in the Eisteddfod.
My aunt lived with her best friend, my ‘aunty’ Elsie in a big old house on the Welsh Island of Anglesey.
I used to love to visit them, it always felt slightly exotic and their lifestyle was so different to my suburban 60’s childhood. I remember how we used to have to stop on the way there to buy Craven A cigarettes for Aunty Elsie and how she would throw on a fur coat and wellys over an old frock and stride off down the beach smoking and chatting and seeming so sophisticated. My real Aunty was a much less vibrant character, stocky and solid to Elsies elfin features and slim quickness. Evaline would come to stay with us, getting the bus all the way. After a four hour journey she would descend laden with parcels, suitcase and wearing her slippers.
I loved them both. My old fashioned lovely aunties.

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  1. You can’t get tea cosy’s like that anymore. We had an old padded woollen one which about a year ago really started to look rather the worse for wear. In the end we decided it had to go….bad mistake, we’ve never been able to replace it with anything as good

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