Not another diet guru


I was looking at diet and health books the other day and realising just how many ‘guru’s’ there are out there! Each one has their own special diet magic that means that This time you will ose weight, or Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Ever. Well yes I confess that is my goal. Me and most of the adult female and a good proportion of the male, population. And yet we get fatter.

So what goes wrong? I know there are some crazy half-assed diets out there. Cabbage soup, grapefruit, slimfast, Cambridge – starvation diets really. So of course you lose weight, initially. And darn it, of course you put it back on.

But we know what to do, right? Less fat, whole grains, reduce or eliminate sugars and alcohol, sensible amounts of protein, good fats. Some supplements for good measure – I like Vitamin C, B complex and zinc plus a good fish oil. And exercise.

Not quite Eat Less, Do More but nearly. More like, Eat More of the Good Stuff and less of the bad. And Move

A friend of mine pointed out that the trouble with some good diets is they don’t understand addiction. So true. So the diets that allow you treats and Syns and extra points to spend on a glass of wine or an ice lolly or a jaffa cake don’t cater for those of us who don’t do the ‘stopping at one’ thing. I know that moderation is a good thing but it’s not the way my brain and body works. I was the same with cigarettes. I can’t just have one. I stopped smoking a few years ago now but if I started again today Id force myself through the horrible taste of the first three till I was back to twenty a day in no time. Mad isn’t it?

And I don’t do one chocolate. I know people who can just have one biscuit or maybe two. The same people who still have chocolate left from Easter in June and can have a family size bar of Dairy Milk in the fridge for when a chocolate moment strikes. Oh how I envy them some days. So I much prefer to have none. None means that my food tastes clean and clear and I don’t salivate after cream cake. As long as `i dont ‘just have a little bit’.

so why am I writing about this today? Because i am reminding myself I know how to do this diet thing. And I know how to do it for good. And that is by changing the way I eat and move and live. One baby step at a time. Not because a guru said so but because I can take all this knowledge and use it to make it work for me.


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  1. I have to admit I have spent way too much money supporting the diet gurus and the diet industry. I finally stopped, started eating and exercising sensibly, and the weight has been coming off. However, I should add that I also decided, for health reasons, to transition to an almost vegan lifestyle. A few weeks after making that decision, I read the book The China Study which reinforced my choice. I feel so much better lately, and this was a great time to transition since there are so many fresh fruits and veggies available now.

    I really like your final thoughts. That’s the way to do it. Your way. 🙂

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