Fat Girl Slim takes it at a snails’ pace


Image from http://international.stockfood.com/image-picture-Live-snails-on-lettuce-in-bowl,-salad-servers-961652.html

Walking is getting easier – I can walk further without being out of breath, I can walk more quickly and I don’t need my walking poles. My knee is feeling better too. I have been for an X Ray on it today and have to go back to see the Dr. in a few weeks. My guess is it is arthritis and she thinks so too but the X Ray is just to make sure. I read some advice about arthritis and lifestyle. Losing weight is good of course, less strain on the joints. And so is exercise, more not less with walking and swimming being great. My skin is bad at the moment so I’m not risking the chlorine right now but I can walk. So the dog is happy too. We are both doing better with our joints. His recipe was lose weight, take joint supplements and walk more. I might try the joint supplements too.

I am losing weight. My magic formula is do some exercise and watch what I eat. I am feeling focused again so I’m capitalizing on that. Today at work we were having a bring and share lunch. I decided I’d take some sandwiches for myself plus some flavoured water and some biscuits to share. I had wholemeal buns with turkey and our own lettuce in. The lettuce was fresh from the garden on my way out. I gave it a quick shake and put it in my sandwich. As I bit in there was a crunch and I thought I’d lost a filling. Oops it was a snail. Aaargh. Can’t get much fresher than that.

There was lots of fruit as well as homemade cakes and puddings. I had melon and strawberries and a few grapes. I looked at the homemade lemon cake. But the cost is too high. I eat that and I am on a downward slope of wanting more tomorrow. And I feel so much better.

I talked about joining a diet class. I am in two minds about it. And my plan was for Wednesday nights. Last week I had a committment to a curry with colleagues. Tomorrow we have tickets from a friend for a play of ‘Kes” at the local Repertory Theatre. Can’t say no to a free night at the theatre on our new slimmer budget now, can we? And my thinking about going to a class was to give myself a kick-start again. But I am a bit worried about the fitting in to a set way of eating based on another diet guru’s plan. So for this week I will carry on the way I am. It seems to be working. Snails and all.


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