Fat Girl Slim – my Last diet


I learnt something new today. Spinach in a shake is just amazing! I can’t believe it either but it is true. I have been studying along with my friends on ‘Your Last Diet’ programme ( don’t you like the sound of that? )Huh?

And one of the ideas is to increase potassium and reduce sodium in our diet. So potassium comes from increasing veggies and beans and reducing sodium by not eating processed foods and not adding salt. I have noticed a few people have been adding in veggies at breakfast. That was something I struggled with 🙂 Except for tomatoes and mushrooms with a good old fry up English breakfast, but that is not really the look Im aiming for!

My usual breakfast is a shake. I make it with protein powder. Right now I’m using a whey protein which is vanilla flavoured. I tend to add some banana or some berries, or maybe some coffee, soya milk and whizz it up. Its nice with ice too.

So I thought this afternoon that I’d have a little experiment. I find it best not to inflict experimentation on myself at breakfast time. I need calm and quiet and breakfast on automatic if I’m not to end up frazzled and weepy. So this was my shake :

2 scoops of vanilla whey pp

About 6 strawberries

3 blocks of frozen spinach, they are about the size of a plum

soya milk.

It is a nice green colour and honestly tastes delish. I am a convert. Some people are adding kale. I guess nice dark green veggies are the best for potassium. I only have a stick blender so I wanted to see how it would work and it turned out just fine. If I am going to progress to kale I think Id need a jug blender. So I’m pretty excited about this new discovery and just thought Id share. I definitely find increasing my veggies makes a BIG difference.

Oh and if you are interested here is a link to YLD ( Your Last Diet). See what you think.  YLD


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    • Hi Amy
      Thanks for stopping by, I imagine the shake would be great with coconut milk! I love your blog and your online presence and follow your tweets every day. Although I don’t have PCOS you always have something interesting to say and helpful healthy tips!

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