Nanas’ summer fair


Just when you think that your days of summer fairs, cake stalls and tombolas are over another one comes along. Having spent the last twenty-something years at school events I confess to a little sigh of relief to say goodbye to the PTA and the wanton spending at each stall to ensure goodwill or sponsor the next football team jerseys.
But now we have moved on to summer fairs for seniors. The bottle stall was particularly well attended at £1 for 5 goes. More than one elderly gentleman was observed chuckling down the corridor, zimmer frame in one hand and Liebfraumilch in the other.
Mum was particularly keen on the cake stall where a slice of gateau and a milky coffee were soon obtained and enjoyed. After a slow zimmer amble round the other stalls we were told she had had emough, “I want to go back to my room, what shall I do, I don’t have wheels on?”.
We tucked her back up in her chair and left her to sleep and contemplate her new shoes (last weeks crocs) which are a big hit.

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