Baby days and doggy welcomes



The dog has definitely missed us the most on our brief overnight away. With three ‘boys’ at home of almost 23, 18 and 16, I guess that is inevitable.
I find myself running through the usual mum stuff before we go, who will be where and when, who to ring if there are any problems, instructions about feeding the dog. Watching six eyes glazing over simultaneously is a little off putting but I’m a ninja mum and I just carry on.
Arriving home tonight, just a little over 24 hours on the house is still standing. Everyone. Seems a little grumpy, I’m not sure if this is normal or if I’m missing something. The dog is extra enthusiastic and licky and will now follow me even more closely tomorrow in case I have another sneaky escape plan.
Having been to welcome a new baby to the missus’ family this weekend its a reminder of baby days. As nephew/uncle (13) said today, “I can’t believe someting so small comes from someone like us and then we grow up to have something as small as him”. Yep, dude. You said it.

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