Fat Girl Slim and Nanas Birthday Cake



It found its way into my mouth. I had no intention of eating any. In fact I protested with horror when son 3 suggested I might succumb. I declared myself a sugar free zone (which I was). And at the party I stuck to my plan, no problem.
But the combination of stress and managing everyone else (could this be my inner  momma control freak showing her colours?) took its toll. And so did some unhealthy weekend choices.
And the cake went down without touching the sides.
So add that to words with nearest and not so dearest, a bad nights sleep and my inner sugar monster has been on the rampage today. The sad thing is a days worth of sugar can undermine self esteem and strip away confidence ad if I’d put on 4 stone overnight. Bleah.
So what’s to do? Been here and worn the t shirt? Start again tomorrow, one day at a time. I wonder if I’ll ever get off this roller coaster.

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, I have the same problem…sugar cravings, sugar withdrawal, sugar cravings, sugar withdrawal. What’s helped me…somewhat…is older age. Sugar causes inflammation which causes arthritic pain. If I don’t want to suffer joint pains the next day, then I cool it with sugar intake the day before. Doesn’t always work. Like last night I baked a yellow cake with homemade chocolate frosting. Had a piece…so delicious. Like my mom use to make. Am thinking about another piece…as I type. But I’ll try to resist…

    …for as long as I can…probably give in tonight…yikes! …can already feel tomorrow’s aches and pains… 🙂

    • Thank you so much for leaving a comment, I was having a bad day and the sugar always makes me beat myself up in an unhealthy way. I agree about the joint pain that happens for me too. The difficulty is in thinking about tomorrow when addiction is going, Now, Now, Now!! By the way I popped over to your blog too, love it

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