A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


This is the message of a campaign from the ‘Who Cares Trust’ which works to support and promote the rights of children in care in the UK. The campaign is called ‘Don’t Write Us Off’ and works with young care leavers encouraging them to volunteer in a project which is based on the values of the Olympics 2012.

Today I didn’t think I could do any better than share some of their words and photos and encourage everyone to take a look at their website  here

“I took this picture to represent some of the meetings with social workers. We meet for coffee but in that meeting we have to also get lots done. We often talk about money and I bring receipts for things I have had to buy. It’s a different relationship to a parent.” (Rachel)

You can interpret this photo in different ways. Situations, like people, can be interpreted in different ways. To one person this might look like I’m just reading a cook book in a kitchen when actually I’m reading a very frustrating bill from the housing department of the council, despite the fact I’m only 18 and living with a foster family.” (Rachel)

“Life in care is not always private. My own problems the school know about it. It’s kind of good sometimes because the teachers can help me. Really my own room is my only private place.” (Julian)

“I took this picture near leaving care centre in Lewisham where there was going to be an event for children in care. I wanted to show the positive about being in care. In my language green means ‘good thing’ and I thought about life in care being like grass, growing faster in some places than others.” (Ellia)
I have worked with young people all my adult life. Kids in care and kids who just need a bit of a hand. I love it. And the strength and resilience of the human spirit never ceases to amaze me, nor the humour and willingness to share a story. So I love these images and the words that go with them. I hope you do too


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