Weekly Photo Challenge – Broken




For my 50th birthday we took a trip to Rome, the Missus and I and Sons 3 and 4. We had a wonderful few days of culture and pizza. The two statues were in the Colosseum museum, if you are that old it’s no wonder you’ve lost a head or two. i though it was only fair to show no discrimination between gender when broken. And both are still beautiful.

In a whole different context this photo was taken on the island of Anglesey in North Wales, one of my favourite places. This was incongruously placed at a workshop/ cafe we stumbled across selling jams and jellies. The owner had developed a passion for collecting old and broken signs, advertisements and of course That Car.

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  1. I love statue from this time. It might be broken but in a kind of way, that just make them still more beautiful and precious. Then the broken become just a wonder ! 🙂

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