Sunday, The Star and a Dog


Sunday, Sunday a day for taking it slow.I met with the funeral director this morning. Such a lovely man. Its been a family firm since 1832 and we used them for my Dad 5 years ago. He remembered all the details and it was so easy to arrange for Mum because she wanted just the same. We will have a service in the church. The one we saw every week as we took her out and where the bells were ringing the night she died. You can see the steeple from the front door. She will have a beautiful wicker basket with flowers woven round the handles. Afterwards she will be buried next to my Dad in a Woodland cemetery.

This afternoon we went to visit dad and to let him know it wont be long until she is there beside him. His tree has grown strong and tall, an oak. And the wildflower seeds we scattered have taken root and spread. The number of trees has grown over the last few years so there is now a little thicket of them set amongst the rolling countryside. It is on a small rise so you can look down onto farmland and watch the cows in the field next door. It is a peaceful place with birdsong. The dog likes to walk there and sniff about. It is nice to know where she will be.

After we went to visit the pub we will go to after the service. It sits on the canal with narrowboats pulled up alnogside and baskets of flowers spilling over. The Trent and Mersey canal was opened in 1777 and The Star Inn was open at least a century before that. We walked up the canal towpath to the bridge admiring the boats and sat at a table under a big red umbrella to have a drink and watch the world go by. We admired the dog in a life jacket on top of a boat running up and down the roof. The Missus has her heart set on a narrowboat whereas I have yearnings for a motor home. Watching the boats today and the peaceful pace, I might be persuaded, but don’t tell her.  Sunday was a day for Mum. We would take her out for lunch and often for a drive. Today it felt like she was with us. We talked about her all afternoon. I havent cried yet. It still doesn’t really seem real. I expect I will. Tonight we are all going out for an Indian meal. me and the Missus, all the boys and girlfriends. It is the first time we have all been together at once since Friday. It will be good to all be together and be family. I think I am going to take a picture of Mum with me and we can have her on the table and drink a toast to her.


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  1. I like that you’re going to drink a toast to your Mum. I did that after my mother’s funeral. Had a glass of her favorite ale, just the way she liked to drink it. I felt like she was right there with us. 🙂

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