Words of condolence



You don’t realise until you lose someone just how much those words of kindness, messages, cards and the flowers , ease the process. They make you smile.
Everyone except the Registrar has been lovely today. Registering her death was a bureaucratic job made soulless by indifference. I he’d a personality transplant and decided to give her some feedback end a suggestion that a few personal words of condolences might ease the process. That and not keeping the bereaved waiting for twenty minutes with no apology. I briefly moved from denial to anger outside afterwards. Stages of grief clearly influenced by external idiocy.
But that aside I kept going till 5.30 pm then fell fast asleep until 8.40. It was also pm but it took me a while to work that out!
Tomorrow we meet with the lovely vicar, Ann. She saw Mum in the week before she died. Mum asked ‘Where is Stephen?’, my Dad who died in 2006. Ann said, ‘He’ is waiting for you’. And mum was happy. I don’t know. Im glad it brought her comfort. I know her spirit left on a new journey. Wherever they are now it is a place of peace.

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